PlayerGrid is a web-based social utility that facilitates communication, sharing and custom merchandise among anybody involved within youth sports. Our service has been designed to provide team specific functions in a fun and engaging way.

We built PlayerGrid for what matters most in a sports team setting: scheduling, automated notifications, photo sharing, custom merchandise and mobile connectivity. In other words, PlayerGrid leapfrogs competitors' website building tools by enhancing existing offline team interaction and relationships through web-based technology and mobile utility. If you already have a team website, PlayerGrid delivers additional interactive value to you and your mobile devices.

The concept is that any team member can participate as much, or as little as they choose, yet information can be created and shared through a variety of Internet and mobile platforms. With PlayerGrid, you no longer need to rummage through your email inbox to find the specific email from a coach/manager that says what time and where a game is being played. You decide what notifications you want and how to have them delivered.

More importantly, especially for those concerned with privacy, PlayerGrid only connects people that have been specifically invited by a coach or team manager. There is no public view of a "team website" because PlayerGrid is not a website building platform nor is it a community for finding activities ormeeting new friends. After becoming a team member, parents can also invite other relatives and fans as members. It's important to understand that nobody can connect to a PlayerGrid team unless specifically invited.

Creating a team presence or profile on PlayerGrid is simple and takes less than a minute. While only coaches or managers can create teams on PlayerGrid, parents or players can easily "invite" a coach to create a PlayerGrid team account.

PlayerGrid values your privacy and never shares, sells or publicly displays members' email addresses.

And even though our service is free and we give away free photo books to teams that have uploaded at least 100 photos, we earn revenue by offering our members photo book upgrades, custom merchandise and premium memberships for teams and individuals. We also earn revenue through advertising and sponsorships.

Once connected to a private PlayerGrid team group, parents can select how they want to be notified of team news, event updates and latest photos. In other words, team members can fully control how often and how they want to receive notifications. Some may prefer text instead of e-mail, while others might want both. Still others may prefer the push notifications that come from the PlayerGrid mobile apps.

Thank you for joining the ever expanding PlayerGrid community and feel free to use the feedback button on the right to offer your suggestions and comments. We love to hear the good and the bad from our users!